Builder Helper Company Overview:

Located in Provo, Utah, Builder Helper prides itself in providing industry-leading project management software for the Home Building and Construction industries.

Builder Helper strives to do the following for its general contractor and trade contractor clients:

  • Improve Construction Communication:
    Our construction management software facilitates the communication of job information between general contractors, tradesmen, and home owners or customers by providing 24/7 access to real-time, up-to-date project information. With the advantage of having EVERYTHING web-based in Builder Helper, contractors can feel confident that all information is current and accurate.

  • Reduce Contractor Stress:
    Builder Helper automates and eliminates many of the mundane and tedious tasks of contractors and allows for more time and effort towards tasks that have a more direct impact on the success of their company and the quality of their trade in the current market.

  • Provide Tools that Improve the Quality of a Contractor's Work:
    Builder Helper provides cutting-edge tools that assist contractors to compile more accurate bids and estimates as well as schedule their projects and eliminate inefficiencies.

  • Offer the Most User-friendly Solution on the Market:
    Contractors may not be the most tech-savvy people. Their craft has always relied on fine hand-crafted workmanship and has not required the use of a computer to be successful.

    Builder Helper is the first software product designed to account for the changing and competitive market. The user interface is designed to be very user-friendly and intuitive, such that someone unfamiliar with the program (or computers in general) can sit down and become proficient in the use of Builder Helper with minimal training.
  • The Builder Helper Team:

    Timothy Metler [President and CEO]:
    Tim Metler is a registered CPA and has over 15 years industry experience in track and custom home building. Tim specializes in developing online, real-time computer-software solutions in bidding, estimating, scheduling, warranty, and customer-management for construction companies. He is the 2007 President of the Utah Valley Home Builders Association (UVHBA) and is a frequent lecturer at national, regional, and state home builder conventions.

    Robert Metler [Vice-President of Sales]:
    Rob Metler has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Utah State University and has over 15 years industry experience in property management, real estate, track, and custom home building.

    Jonathan Chan [CTO]:
    Jonathan has extensive experience as a lead programmer and systems architect. He worked in General Electric's research and development center for 7 years and has also started a number of businesses involving web-based software. His skills include RFID and GPS technology implementation, satellite phased-array theory, database schema and conversions (legacy), computerized knowledge-base theory and implementation, large-scale software systems architecture and design. His programming experience includes C++, Java, Javascript, JSP, PHP, and Flash (Actionscript).

    Nicholas Pasto [Creative Director]:
    Over the past 6 years Nick has lead and directed the art and user-interface teams for several businesses including the Brain Garden,, and WoogiWorld. He is also an avid flash animator and game programmer.

    Benjamin Chan [Vice-President of Technology]:
    Ben has directed the development of a number of web-based software systems. He is experienced with database management, database design, testing and debugging, discrete functional algorithms, writing and maintaining enterprise-level software, dynamic mass-editing of web-pages, dynamic database linkage, and functionality designed to handle use by multiple enterprises.

    Ben is also an accomplished violinist who has soloed with several orchestras and won the violin division of the national MTNA competition in 2006.

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